CARF accredited - Affinity Treatment CentersCARF Accreditation

The decision to place a family member in the care of a residential mental health program can be a difficult one. Then comes the delicate task of selecting a San Diego treatment center you can be sure will offer the level of support your loved one needs to achieve stabilization and a better quality of life. Choosing a facility with a CARF accreditation, like Affinity Treatment Centers, provides that assurance. Affinity is one of the few facilities in the country with a 3-year CARF accreditation.

What is CARF?

CARF, the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, is the gold star standard and premier accrediting body for health and human service providers in areas including rehabilitation. Facilities that are CARF accredited must meet rigorous international standards and demonstrate a commitment to innovation in therapeutic care to maintain the distinction.

What does it take to be CARF accredited?

Becoming a CARF accredited organization is a voluntary process that often involves a year or more of preparation before the official on-site survey. At Affinity Treatment Centers, we were first required to perform a self-study of our treatment centers and evaluate how closely our existing practices conformed to the CARF standards. In order to become accredited, we had to prove that we carefully monitor the results of our patient services, demonstrate our commitment to continual improvement of our mental health programs, and show that we focus on the needs of every individual we serve.

CARF sets the standard for quality care

CARF’s unique manual for rehabilitation not only allows us to focus on improving our existing services at Affinity Treatment Centers, but also empowers us to maintain a leading edge in the rapidly changing world of health and human services. The standards established for treatment centers like ours are developed with the careful input of other providers, consumers, and mental health experts around the world. These standards are updated yearly to ensure relevancy to the patients in our care.

The CARF difference

At Affinity Treatment Centers, we invited CARF to evaluate our facilities so they could see how we operate behind the scenes. While the process is time-consuming and rigorous for our entire staff, we know that reconfirming the CARF seal of accreditation every year assures our residents and their families that our programs provide the highest quality of care. Whether your loved one is seeking help for a mental, emotional or personality disorder, you can have confidence in your choice to entrust us with his or her wellbeing.