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D. Corydon Hammond, Ph.D., BCIA-EEG, ECNS, Past President, International Society for Neurofeedback & Research, Psychologist & Professor, University of Utah School of Medicine.


Rano Thomas Mathew, M.D., Wilmington, NC



“Although I have been using neurofeedback with patients for well over twenty years and have four other systems active in my office, I now always start patients with LENS neurofeedback because it most consistently brings patients relatively quick relief of their distresses and disturbances and sets them on a course of a more fulfilling and spiritually balanced life; I’ve never before had so much fun helping so many tough cases.”

Thomas M. Brod, MD Los Angeles, California

Jeffrey S. Rutstein, Psy.D. West Windsor, New Jersey


“Ultimately, LENS neurofeedback relaxes the mind and body to allow the person to become aware of and process the underlying issues supporting addictions; then the healing process can begin. I believe it’s the most efficient and effective way to do therapy.”

Allison Hartzoge, MA,BCN, LPC, NCC, Midland, TX


Dr. Megan Danz, Naturopathic Physician Palmer, AK


“Having the LENS neurofeedback system in my practice allows me to help people really ‘get over’ things that for 30 years I’ve been teaching them to cope with. My enjoyment of my work has multiplied enormously with that.”

Candia Smith, DMH California




The results I’ve seen since using LENS with a wide range of clients (from emotionally handicapped children with ADHD, Fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression, the list is too long to enumerate) have far exceeded both my and my clients expectations!

Marion Roberts, Ph.D., Florida

Douglas L. Starr, PhD Clinical Psychologist Gainesville, FL


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Drew Edmund Psychiatric Center bring together high-level professionals  providing uniquely advanced and cutting-edge treatment approaches. We strive to find a healthy mixture of treatment options with the lowest level of medications needed for stability. We are one of the few honored facilities that have received a three year international CARF accreditation. Meeting this standard insures that our patients will receive the very best treatment and that our facilities go above and beyond industry standards in providing services.  Drew Edmund Psychiatric Center are internationally recognized sub-acute residential treatment centers in So. California. We offer serious treatment for mental health issues, addiction, trauma, mood and  anxiety disorders.  We are staffed with a diverse team of psychiatrists, psychologists, and therapists who work together to help each patient move forward within a caring community. We design individualized treatment plans and apply a holistic approach in a world-class healing environment with your goals in mind.

Drew Edmund Psychiatric Center is a Mental Health Treatment Center located in Southern California.  We providing residential treatment, partial hospitalization programming and intensive out-patient  treatment as well as long term care options.  These treatment options allow a full spectrum of step-down services, making it unnecessary to search elsewhere for on-going treatment.  We tailor each patient’s  treatment specific to their individual needs. We work hard to not “over-program” and not “over-medicate” our residents. A typical days’ schedule includes: Activities of daily living (showering, dental hygiene, clean clothing, etc), group therapy with diverse topics and modalities including:  CBT, DBT or ACT Tools,  Addictive Personalities Group, Process Groups, Expressive Art, yoga, meditation as well as numerous educational groups.  Patients meet with our psychiatrist and their individual therapist as scheduled.  Therapy is broken up during the day with activities such as fitness, swimming, competitive sports, sculpting, equine therapy and kayaking.  Patients are involved in meal planning and prep as well. If they are able, we encourage patients to continue perusing educational goals and employment options while in treatment . 

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Holistic Healing Residential Treatment 2
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Short term residential treatment for mental illness

Short term treatment typically lasts between one and three months. Patients best suited for short term treatment often come to Drew Edmund Psychiatric Centers from a hospital environment, another treatment center or an unsuccessful living environment seeking stabilization, reduction of problematic symptoms, and continuum of 24-hour care in a structured, nurturing home environment. Patients transitioning from a crisis situation may also be ideal candidates for short term care at Drew Edmund Psychiatrics Centers Inc.


Long term residential treatment for mental illness

Drew Edmund Psychiatric Centers also provide long term residential treatment for those patients in need of an extended continuum of care. With long term residential care, patients learn to further develop successful activities of daily living. These include daily activities such as personal hygiene practices, budgeting skills, job skills and career development, time management, appropriate socialization skills, interpersonal relationship development, emotional stabilization and the ability to form realistic, long-term goals. Residents who require additional time to stabilize on their medications may be in need of long term residential care. For those individuals who have completed our program but feel they need additional time and support, we offer a step-down program. This is a more independent model and involves the resident in self-care and maintenance as well as self-administration of medications.


Residents are welcome at Drew Edmund Psychiatric Centers for as long as is necessary to obtain the skills for successful living in an independent setting. It is one of our chief goals to prevent the need to return to a higher level of care in the future by providing each individual with the tools necessary to be successful. The amount of time this requires is unique to each individual. That is why Drew Edmund Psychiatric Centers does not require a specific length of stay. Requiring everyone to commit to a predetermined length of time in treatment would be financially beneficial for the treatment center but highly unbeneficial, financially for the resident. This is yet another way we are able to keep our fees affordable


Yes! Residential Treatment Drew Edmund Psychiatric Center takes most insurances.

In most cases your insurance will cover all of the costs of our program. Please provide our billing department with your insurance information as soon as possible for a pre-authorization and/or explanation of benefits. We will work with your insurance company to make sure you receive the maximum benefit while you are treating with us.